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    Not enough extreme on the Main Circuit?  Welcome to the rallycross track. 1250 meters with a vertical drop of 20 meters - it feels like such a terrain stirs blood no worse than a roller coaster! And if you add twelve corners, a jump and a soil-asphalt road to this, you get a rather extreme configuration that will keep both pilots and spectators excited! Even the curb stones in track corners are designed to meet the latest requirements - they have a directional shape and sufficient height for the pilot to feel the boundaries of the track.
  • So, why is the rallycross so popular? First, it is the track. The combination of soil and asphalt demands unprecedented versatility from both the driver and the vehicle. Second, it is the rallycross cars. Powerful sports prototypes with two-liter turbo engines with an output of more than 600 hp, all-wheel drive and sequential gearboxes. The suspension of these race cars confidently suppresses roll on asphalt and "digests" the energy after dizzying jumps. At the same time, the dynamics of the cars participating in the world rallycross is at the Formula 1 level: 1.9 seconds from zero to hundred! Cars are also capable of flying - no modern rallycross track are made without jump hills.


Service cost

Track drive session

Track drive session

  • A dizzying race along the track with a 20-meter vertical drop and a jump - for those who search for a real extreme!

    2 races 10 minutes each

    2000 ₽

Track dayTrack day

Track dayTrack day

  • You can devote an entire day to training and sharpening the skills of driving a sports car in off-road conditions.

    Full day

    9000 ₽

Requirements for taking part in track days

  • Competitors

    Requirements for competitors of track days: 

    • age over 18*;
    • original passport and a valid B driving license;
    • your own motorsport helmet. Racing shoes and racing overall are optional. Competitors must wear long-sleeved clothing, trousers, closed sports shoes comfortable for driving;
    • accident insurance policy with an insured amount of at least 100 000 rubles including risks insurance of the Autosport / Motosport category. Please note that the insurance included in the sports license is not valid for taking part in the track days organized by the Igora Drive Complex. Buy

    *If a participant under the age of 18 has a racing license, it is necessary to present the original racing license and a notarized permission to participate in the race from the legal representatives of the participant (both parents or legal guardians). We strongly recommend to clarify all the details on underage admission to the races by calling the RMC in advance.

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    Only cars equipped with a roll cage or buggies (cross kart vehicles) are allowed to the races. All cars must have a RAF Sports Technical Certificate.

    The car must be clean, in good technical condition, on tires without studs, and free from leaks of technical fluids and fuel.

  • Rules and Regulations

    You have to be at the Igora Drive Complex at least 1 hour before the session starts.

    Accompanying persons are allowed on the territory of the Complex. Since track days are not a mass sports event but have a training status, spectator areas are not organized. Access to the stands is prohibited.

    Before entering the track:

    • for the safety reasons, all the track session competitors must undergo a compulsory medical examination (alcohol test, blood pressure check, general competitor's health assessment);
    • the vehicle is inspected and allowed on the track according to the results of the inspection.

    During the race, one passenger in one car in the front seat is allowed. A helmet is compulsory.

    Photo and video filming by accompanying persons is allowed in paddock. Access to the track, as well as the use of quadcopters is prohibited.


Documents for taking part in track days

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