The second season of Drive Show at Igora Drive

The Drive Show - a joint project of Igora Drive and Leningrad Center comes back to the Autodrome!  The Drive Show is the first motor performance in Russia and the only one in Europe. The first shows will take place on July 17th and 24th. 

In the 2021 season, the show "Beautiful M. In Search of Lost Love" will be staged in the drive-in format. From their car windows, the spectators will get to know the story of the famous ballerina, who goes on a journey around the world in search of happiness. The stage is based on one of the most famous performances of the Leningrad Center, which has already won the hearts of thousands of guests of the show space. 

The performance in the “stage collage” genre combines different dance styles from ballet to contemporary, powerful vocals, acrobatic tricks and new spectacular elements that have become possible only on the Drive Show stage.

Large-scale multimedia screens and an outdoor stage are complemented by interactive action among cars in the parking lot itself, turning it into an additional venue.  

The show director is Felix Mikhailov, the artistic administrator of the Leningrad Center. 

The famous ballerina goes on a journey around the world in search of love. She leaves the theater stage and finds herself in the country, from there she goes to Paris, visits the Broadway stage. She can do everything to find her way to happiness. The brightest episodes of the show will be shown for the first time in the video art format, combined with live vocal, dance, circus episodes.

In 2020, the Drive Show won the bema!, an upscale marketing award, in two nominations.

The creative symbiosis of racing space and high art is intended both for lovers of speed and new sensations, and for connoisseurs of theatrical experiments. 

During the show, it will be possible to order food and drinks from IGORA DRIVE CAFE without leaving the car. You can find the schedule, visiting rules, purchase a ticket and find out more information at



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