St. Petersburg Rallycross Cup at Igora Drive!

The entrance for spectators is free. 
Opening at 11:45 
Races start at 12:30 

This year the Igora Drive Autodrome will host the St. Petersburg Rallycross Cup for the first time. At all three stages, the riders will compete for victories and prizes on the Igora Drive rallycross track.
On May 1-2, the 1st stage of the Cup will take place, where drivers will compete in one of the nine classes and win points for personal and team classification. Riders over the age of 12 are allowed to participate in the competition, and in the unofficial ranking - from the age of 9. The entry fee for D2-Junior classes and for all cross kart classes is 4000 rubles, for the rest it is 7000 rubles. And everyone can enjoy the race, the entrance for spectators is free!
But that is not all! For three days, April 24, 25 and 30, the rallycross track is available for training. As part of the track days, everyone will be able to get acquainted with the track and study it in detail before taking part in the Cup. The cost of two 10-minute sessions is 2 000 rubles.
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