Night ski race on the Igora Drive track

On February 20, the first cross-country skiing competition will take place at the Igora Drive Ski Park. The night race starts at 18:00, and the maximum distance is 12.3 km or 3 large laps on the illuminated race track of the autodrome. The winners and prize-winners of the absolute male and female standings will receive cash prizes, and the best in their age categories will receive gift certificates for Igora Drive services.
All race competitors will be divided into 14 categories by age and gender:

  • Children from 10 to 14
  • Children under 16
  • Children under 18
  • Adults under 39
  • Adults under 50
  • Adults under 60
  • Adults 60 +

The pit lane will be open for spectators during the race. Standing on it, they will be able to follow the progress of the competition and cheer for the competitors. It will be possible to refresh yourself and warm up with hot drinks in the food truck, which will be located next to the Infocenter. During the race, all Igora Drive centers will be open on a regular basis until 21:00.
The entry fee for participation is 600 rubles if paid before February 15, from February 16 to 18 it is 700 rubles. The number of participants in the race is limited.

16:00-18:00 - issuance of starter packs for competitors in the Info Center,
17:00-17:50 - the track is open for race competitors
18:00 - general start for a distance of 4.1 km,
18:30 - awarding of the winners in age groups for a distance of 4.1 km,
18:40 - general start for a distance of 12.3 km,
18:45 - general start for a distance of 8.2 km,
19:50 - rewarding of the winners in the overall standings and the best in age groups at a distance of 8.2 km and 12.3 km.



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