Russia - Northern Forest Baja at Igora Drive

On February 4-7, Igora Drive will become the center of the first stage of the Baja World Cup, the highest racing series in the cross country rally discipline. The race has been held since 2003, and this season will include 10 special stages that will run along the roads of the Leningrad Region.

The stage on the high-speed section around the complex starts on February 6 at 9:00 and 12:00. On the website you can find a detailed route map. The finishing ceremony will take place in the main Igora Drive paddock on Sunday, February 7th.

The weekend promises to be truly racing, as this is not all! Also, the Igora Drive complex will host the 1st stage of the ICE DRIFT IGORA DRIVE amateur winter drift cup this weekend. It will be possible to watch the exciting competition near the Mediasphere, entrance is free.

You will surely find some stuff to do in between arrivals! The Car Museum and Karting Center will work on a regular basis, and for those who want to warm up, the Favorit Restaurant offers Karelian grog, juniper, ginger and raspberry tea and many other authentic hot drinks from its menu. You can have a snack in the restaurant with author's dishes made of local products according to Russian and other original recipes from the chef.



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