Cancellation of the DTM stage at Igora Drive

In 2021, the Russian DTM stage will not be held on the Igora Drive track. Tickets purchased by spectators for the DTM 2020 will be refunded. Tickets can be refunded only by the official ticket operator of the International DTM Racing Series - KASSIR.RU.

To return electronic tickets, the applicant needs to send the following documents to the e-mail

  1. Ticket;
  2. Check;
  3.  Application of the established form (scan, photo of the signed application).

To return tickets on strict reporting forms, the applicant shall send the following documents to the e-mail

  1. Details for the transfer of funds, in the form of the client bank;
  2. Ticket (scan / photo)
  3. Check (scan / photo);
  4. Application of the established form (scan/photo of the signed application)

It can take up to 20 business days to process your return request.



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