Ski Park on the Igora Drive track!

The Igora Drive track is covered with snow, but this is not a reason to delay our acquaintance. If earlier it was possible to ride on it only by car or motorcycle, now it can be done on skis.

On January 16, the Ski Park will open, guests of which will be able to cross the race track on cross-country skis. The ski track is laid on the main Igora Drive track with a length of 4086 m, a width of 10 to 15 m and a height difference of 17 m. 

Depending on the goals and level of training, you can ride a short or full configuration. The short distance has a lap length of 2 km and runs along the flattest part of the track.

The full distance runs along the entire Igora Drive track and has a circle length of 4086 m, as well as several descents and ascents. At the same time, visitors are not limited by the number of laps or the use of a single configuration.

Since the weather conditions are changeable, we recommend that you check the working hours of the Igora Drive Ski Park before leaving for Igora Drive by phone: +7 (813) 793 86 16 

Access to the track is open from 12:00 to 20:00.

You can pay for the services of the Ski Park at the Info Center in the Pit Building.

Attention. On February 8, due to maintenance work after the Baja World Cup "Russia - Northern Forest 2021", the Ski Park will be closed.

The guests of the Ski Park can avail of:
    • warm changing rooms with lockers,
    • free parking,
    • restaurant from Thursday to Sunday,
    • food truck on weekends,
    • vending machine with drinks and snacks.

The cost of visiting the ski park for the day:
    • Adult ticket - 300 rubles,
    • Child ticket 7-14 years old - 100 rubles,
    • Children under 7 years old - free,
    • Rent of a locker - 100 rubles.



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