More experiences at the Igora Drive Car Museum

The Igora Drive Car Museum is expanding its tour program - now all visitors can not only get acquainted with the iconic cars of the early 20th century and try their hand at a racing simulator, but also enjoy a spectacular show centered on a combination of modern multimedia technologies and a real sports car. At the show, everyone will have the opportunity to immerse himself in the world of motorsport and get acquainted with the Igora Drive complex. 

In addition, in the new cinema space, the guests of the Car Museum will discover the racing universe from the other side. The short films will show how autosport began and how the relentless pursuit of speed combined with the non-stop struggle for safety.

Thanks to the new program, the visiting time has increased to 2 hours*. You can buy a ticket at the website and find the detailed information by phone: +7 (813) 793-86-16.

*Please note that due to the epidemiological situation, all visitors are required to use personal protection, and the number of tour groups may be limited. For information on current measures to prevent the spread of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), check the Car Museum page.



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