Give a driving session as a gift!

On New Year's Eve, we have a piece of good news for you - Igora Drive is launching gift certificates for sale. Now you can share the world of autosport with friends and family and give them a whole charge of drive and unforgettable emotions. We have prepared the most diverse conditions so that everyone can find a suitable option for himself.

The certificates are valid for the most popular Igora Drive services: karting, visiting the Car Museum, services of the Rally Moto Center and the Safety Drive Center, racing taxi and master classes on the Main Circuit. The nominal value of the certificates starts from 3000 rubles. You can donate any amount that is a multiple of 1000 rubles, as there is no top limit.

Charge the energy of speed, discover the world of autosport at Igora Drive and share it with your family and friends!

Detailed information about certificates on the website, for all questions please call: +7 (813) 793-86-16.



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