Vladimir Vasiliev is the winner of the Baja World Cup

The Baja World Cup ended with the victory of Vladimir Vasiliev, a Russian driver and one of the Igora Drive complex originators.

The results of the two final races in Saudi Arabia made it possible to return the first line in the standings, which Vladimir took at the start of the season.
On the eve of the Dakar rally marathon, the world's leading off-road sports stars took part in the last stages of the Baja World Cup. The hot struggle was a bright end to the season.
For Vladimir Vasiliev, this is not the first victory at the international level: in 2014 he already took the off-road World Cup, and in 2017 he became the best at the Africa Eco Race marathon. 
The Igora Drive team sincerely congratulates Vladimir Vasiliev on his victory in the Baja World Cup and wishes to hit new peaks in the 2021 season.



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