The Russian winner of the FIA ​​Motorsport Games 2019 tested the Safety Drive Center at Igora Drive

The Russian winner of the FIA ​​Motorsport Games 2019 in the touring class, Klim Gavrilov, tested the capabilities of the Safety Drive Center at Igora Drive and gave some advice on driving in difficult weather conditions.

With the onset of night frosts, the emergency situation on the roads is aggravated. Although it is not mandatory to complete additional driving classes during the fall and winter, it can be useful for both beginners and experienced drivers. The Igora Drive Safety Drive Center will help you gain missing skills and knowledge in a safe environment and under the supervision of experienced instructors. 

Direct speech: 
“As a racer, I have long wanted to get here, because it is always interesting to try myself in something new. You can hone all skills in the Safety Drive Center. This is especially important for the beginning drivers, and it will be useful even for experienced pilots. I am sure that they will also find something new for themselves here, practice something, hone something”, said Klim Gavrilov about his impressions. 

The racer also shared tips for eliminating skidding: “If a skid occurs on a front-wheel drive vehicle, more experienced drivers can hold the steering wheel in the same position and add a little throttle. Front-wheel drive tends to pull the car. If the car is rear-wheel drive, then you need to act in a little more difficult way - the steering wheel is turned in the skid direction, throttle is opened a little, and thus the position of the car can be adjusted”. 

In the event of an emergency, it is important not only to know how to act correctly, but also to be able to quickly navigate and take the necessary measures. The reaction speed comes only with experience, which can be obtained at the Igora Drive Safety Drive Center. 

The Igora Drive complex provides a range of services for professional racers in various disciplines, autosport and car enthusiasts. The possibilities provided by the autodrome give a boost to the development of both the motorsport and driving culture of Russia. This helps to raise awareness among motorists on the road and contribute to road safety.



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