The first drive-in cinema in Russia

July-August 2020 (Igora Drive, Leningrad region, Priozerskoe highway, 54th kilometer)

A world of excitement is getting closer!

Drive Show is a joint project of the Leningrad Center show space and the Igora Drive Complex, created to make this summer truly memorable and full of emotions. For the first time in Russia, offline shows and theatrical performances will be held in such a natural space for car users spectators - surrounded by race tracks, an interactive theater in drive-in format can be enjoyed from the car windows on the territory of the autodrome.

Leningrad Center Tour at the Igora Drive Complex

The project started on July 4, the show was sold out.

On July 11 and 18, Igora Drive will turn into a theater again. Especially for this venue, one of the most popular shows from the repertoire of the Leningrad Center will be shown in a new format. It is the first show space in Russia, which combines elements of classical theater, musical, ballet and circus art.

Timeless show. Love Me Strongly is an unprecedented attraction about the relationship between a man and a woman. The show, which has no plot, is based on stage fantasy fragments and quotes from famous people about the essence of relationships. Living their story, at the end each of the characters must say: I LOVE YOU!

The brightest episodes of the show will be shown for the first time in the video art format, combined with live vocal, dance, circus episodes. The performance in the “stage collage” genre combines different dance styles from ballet to contemporary, powerful vocals, acrobatic tricks and new spectacular episodes that have become possible only on the new Igora Drive stage.

The production will be attended by Ksana Sergienko - the finalist of the Voice Show on Channel One, the winner of the Just The Same Show, a member of the Three Chords Show, and Alexey Ishmaev, an aerial artist, winner of the U.S. gold medal.

Aerial Championship (2016), silver medalist at the Mondial du Cirque de Demain festival (2019); Dmitry Orlov, a choreographer of the 2018 FIFA World Cup opening and closing ceremonies, Russian and European hip-hop champion.

Giant multimedia screens and an outdoor stage are complemented by interactive action among cars in the parking lot itself, turning it into an additional venue.

The show director is Felix Mikhailov, the artistic administrator of the Leningrad Center.

Such a creative symbiosis of racing space and high art will undoubtedly attract the attention of both the Igora Drive audience and connoisseurs of theatrical experiments. Further Drive Show schedule will be announced at a later date.

A food court will be open during the events. The schedule, visit rules and more detailed information can be found at

More information

The Igora Drive complex is a unique project that combines technical sports and entertainment. On an area of about 100 hectares, 54 km from St. Petersburg, there are 10 tracks for auto and moto sports and a complex of structures built using the most advanced technologies in accordance with all world standards. Igora Drive has great social importance as a center for the development of automotive culture and safety in Russia, as well as support for children and youth sports. The complex is also an active leisure center for a wide audience.

The Leningrad Center is the first show space in Russia, a center for contemporary entertainment culture, offering art beyond frames and formats. In 2019, Leningrad Center celebrated its 5th anniversary, and during all this years the project has been developing the show genre in Russia. “Favorites of the Moon. A Kiss”, “Beautiful M”, “Lovesick” and the Portfolio theatrical revue have already become legends of the stage on 4 Potemkinskaya Street . The performances were attended by Russian and foreign stars, including Carmen Electra and Sophie Ellis-Bextor. In addition to spectacular and modern shows, the project includes a chamber cinema, a gallery, bars and the Blok Restaurant on the top floor of the building.



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