Recruitment of sports marshals

The Igora Drive complex announces the recruitment of sports marshals for the tracks (main circuit, karting, rallycross and motocross tracks).

For motorsport fans who are not indifferent to the roar of engines and excitable struggle, the work of a sports marshal in one of the largest racing complexes in the world will be a unique experience of contribution to the well-known Russian and international racing series. The high standards of organizing events will allow them to acquire new professional skills. For young people, such experience can be a big step in a motorsport career.

Marshal tasks

The main tasks of the marshals will be ensuring safety on tracks during races, observing compliance with the rules by all competitors, and informing about all incidents during races.

Main requirements for candidates

This is simple: age over 18 and interest in motorsport. Knowledge of the rules and experience of judging motorsport competitions are welcome.

Send your applications to: (indicate "Marshal" in the subject line and the full name of the applicant).

Contact phone for messengers: +79095890451

Don't miss your chance to get closer to the motorsport world with us!



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