DTM volunteer recruitment

Igora Drive Complex starts a campaign to recruit volunteers for the international DTM series stage, which will be held near St. Petersburg on May 29-31, and will be timed to coincide with the official opening of the Complex. All sports fans and those who are looking forward to the opening of one of the best auto and motor sports centers in the world will be able to try their hand at and take part in the volunteer program.

The tasks of the volunteers during the racing weekend on the territory of the Igora Drive Complex will be to coordinate spectator streams, inform the audience, help employees of the accreditation center, and media representatives.

Volunteering at the Russian stage of the DTM international racing series is a chance to become involved in one of the main sporting events of the year in Russia - the opening of the world-class auto and motor sports center - Igora Drive and the return of the legendary DTM racing series to Russia. This is an opportunity to gain unique international experience and make new friends!

Any candidate over 18 with organizational and teamwork skills can take part in the volunteer program. Prerequisites are knowledge of the English language and work experience as a volunteer at major sports and cultural events. To become a volunteer for the DTM stage at Igora Drive, you need to fill out a form at https://forms.gle/EXiZoVirNGKwKkyX6 by April 19, 2020.



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