Russian victory at the Baja World Cup!

The first stage of the Baja World Cup “Russia - Northern Forest 2020” has come to an end.

The competition program consisted of 3 busy days.

On Friday, the schedule included prelaunch procedures, qualification section (Prologue), press conference, briefing and grand start. Crews from all over the world settled on the new Igora Drive complex. All competitors noted the comfortable conditions in which the registration of pilots, briefings, press conference and technical inspection took place. Accustomed to working in the field conditions of tents, the participants of the competition were delighted with the high level of organization, convenience and comfort of all facilities of the complex.

The first day made it clear to all the competitors that it would not be easy. A difficult, albeit short track made many pilots to make mistakes.

Vladimir Vasiliev, who started first, hooked on the parapet and was forced to retreat. Despite this, the Russian pilot showed the best time and received a special prize from the head of the Leningrad region from the hands of Igor Petrov, the vice-governor of the region.

Andrey N. finished with a lag of five seconds. Denis Krotov won the third place. Vasily Gryazin, who made his debut in cross country rally, took fourth place.

On the second day of the race, a full-fledged struggle began. After the victory in the qualifying section on Friday, it was Vasiliev who had to open the way and show it to his rivals along the snow-covered track that had not yet been touched by the wheels.

It must be said that unlike in previous years, the competitors had to face a real testing of equipment this year, as the new track delivered surprises in the form of pits and rocky areas. The crews accustomed to driving fast in a rally manner, had to urgently change their tactics and take care of the cars.

Vladimir Vasiliev was the best with the route. The second was Tapio Lauronen, last year's winner of the Russia - Northern Forest Baja. Andrey N. finished third.

On Sunday, the competitors had to overcome two special stages again.

Struggling hard, the crew of Vladimir Vasilyev and Vitaly Evtekhov won the 1st stage of the World Cup in "Russia Northern Forest 2020" Baja in the overall standings!

Second result - Andrey N./Vladimir N.

Bronze medalists - Denis Krotov / Dmitry Tsyro.

Congratulations to the winners and prize-winners of the competition with a well-deserved victory both in the absolute ranking at the first stage of the Baja World Cup and in the Russian Cross Country Rally Championship, as the places on podium in these two statuses were distributed identically. Now we are rooting for our guys at the other stages in the UAE, Jordan, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Portugal.



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