Opening of the Igora Drive Complex

All motorsport fans are eagerly awaiting the opening of the Igora Drive Complex. It is not surprising, because both for the northern capital and for Russia as a whole, the emergence of such a high-level auto and moto sports center is a landmark event.

Without any exaggeration, Igora Drive is a unique complex of racing tracks that meet all international standards, because the engineering bureau of Hermann Tilke was invited to create the project: a team of highly qualified professionals who worked on almost all new Formula 1 tracks since 1998.

But Igora Drive exceeded all expectations! There are as many as 10 tracks located on an area of ​​100 hectares: for circuit races, drift, rallycross, motocross, enduro cross, karting, supermoto and pair races, an off-road track and a safety drive center.

But not only professional race drivers will be able to take advantage of all the capabilities of Igora Drive. The complex will become a center of active leisure for a mass audience, as well as a center for the development of automotive culture and safety in Russia - a modern educational infrastructure has been built here.

Igora Drive will also open its doors for children: children karting and motocross schools, various special events, competitions, master classes, and training programs are planned.



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