Garage exhibition of unique cars at Igora Drive
Car museum
Car Museum is a unique exhibition space in the heart of the large-scale Igora Drive motorsport complex
Garage exhibition of unique cars at Igora Drive

A ticket to the exhibition is purchased in advance. All tours are guided - once an hour on weekends and once every two hours on weekdays. Please check the available tickets and the working hours by clicking on the "Buy tickets" button.

Children under the age of 7 may visit the exhibition for free. Discount tickets (except for children) are purchased only at the Igora Drive box office. The list of persons eligible for the discount can be found here

Car Museum is a unique exhibition space in the heart of the large-scale Igora Drive motorsport complex

The museum offers the following exhibitions:

  • Historical exhibition of retro cars issued in 1905-1949
  • Movie Cars Exhibition
  • Impressive multimedia show
  • Driving on racing simulators
  • Watching short films
  • Interactive children playground
  • Tour duration is 2 hours

1 000 - 2 000 ₽

Auto Museum is a unique space in the very heart of Igora Drive. The garage exhibition "The Beginning" was the first step in the creation of the Igora Drive Car Museum. The main development directions for the museum will be the expansion of the display and the elaboration of a more interactive space for visitors. Today, in the Car Museum you can see the iconic cars of the 20th century. Some of the cars have survived only as individual items, and they are difficult to find even in the richest museums in the world.

Garage exhibition of unique cars at Igora Drive

Historical exposition

The historical part of the exposition consists of unique models produced in 1905-1949. The exhibits include cars that were rare in their time, and they are true diamonds in the world of automotive history. Visitors will be able to actually see the Hispano Suiza H6B with an aviation-based engine, the favorite of millionaires and politicians of the first half of the 20th century, the Ford Model T, the world's first mass-produced conveyor car, and the progenitor of the modern Gelendvagen, the Mercedes Benz G3A, and other unique cars as well.

Movie cars exhibition

The second part of the exhibition is dedicated to the cars of famous movie characters. Classic James Bond’s Aston Martin DB6, Lorraine Dietrich 12 HP from “The Golden Calf” movie, Sylvester Stallone's Ford Mercury Custom from “Cobra” and stylish Rolls-Royce 20/25 from “The Great Gatsby”.

For a full immersion in the magical atmosphere of the movie land, the exhibits are displayed against the background of short videos from the movies in which they appear. Sitting comfortably in the director's chairs, each visitor will be able to learn a little more about how these movie were shot and what story is hidden behind these famous cars.

Garage exhibition of unique cars at Igora Drive

Multimedia show

A multimedia show on a huge screen in the ultra-modern space of the Car Museum Media Theater will tell you about the unique features of the Igora Drive autodrome.

Racing simulators

At the end of the exhibition tour, children and adults will be able to try on the role of real pilots in a professional racing simulator, which you can drive exactly along the Igora Drive race track or in group races in the play area equipped with 4 large screens, a PlayStation and special steering control.

Interactive children’s playground

One of the most popular areas of the Car Museum for children is a modern interactive playground. This is a whole car city with roads, traffic lights and cars.


After an exciting museum tour, you will be able to refresh yourself and discuss what you have seen in the stylish cafe of the Car Museum. The cafe also offers a menu for children.


By car

Indicate Igora Drive in the navigator.
From St. Petersburg to the 54th km of Priozerskoe Highway (Sortavala Road A-121).
From Vyborg along the route: Scandinavia Highway A-181 - Kirpichnoe - Michurinskoe - Borisov - Igora Drive.

By bus

Bus No. 859 from Devyatkino Metro Station, North Bus Station to the Igora bus stop, 20 runs a day, starting from 6.00 to 21.45
Bus No. 960 from Parnas Metro Station to Igora bus stop, 14 runs a day, starting from 07.30 to 20.30

By train

From Finlandsky Train Station in the direction of Sosnovo, Priozersk or Kuznechnoye.
- to the Platform 69th km" train stop. From the train stop to the autodrome: 30 minutes walk through the Igora Resort, or 5 minutes by taxi
- to the Sosnovo railway station. From the Sosnovo railway station to the autodrome: 10 minutes by taxi or by buses No. 859 or No. 960 towards St. Petersburg to the Igora bus stop.

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