About the Igora Drive autodrome

A world-class complex combining technical sports and entertainment. The infrastructure allows you to host different types of car and motorcycle races - from touring to rallycross and superbike.

  • Igora Drive together with Igora Resort is -    

    A UNIQUE SPACE that combines traditions and innovations. This is one of the best international projects, shaping a new culture of active leisure;

    ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEISURE and new emotional experience - from drive and adrenaline to absolute calmness and tranquility;

    The embodiment of the best projects and world-class entertainment services, 


    DEVELOPMENT OF AUTOSPORT IN RUSSIA, as well as automotive culture, road safety, sports culture, children's education.

    Igora Drive is a big step towards the formation of 

    NEW IMAGE OF RUSSIA and its integration into the world sports and economic community.

    Igora Drive is a place where current and future champions meet; space that combines 


Project stages

  • 20171st quarter

    Start of the Complex construction

    The area of ​​the Complex is over 100 hectares. The volume of earthworks is more than 1 million m3 of soil, the territory contains more than 800 km of cable networks for special electronics, more than 100 thousand tons of asphalt concrete.

  • 20184th quarter

    Completion of construction for the most of the tracks

    Construction is completed for tracks of the rallycross, motocross, karting, safety drive center, SUV fleet.

  • 20194th quarter

    Completion of the main track construction

    Obtaining the FIA ​​Grade 2 homologation for the Igora Drive Main Circuit , which means that it meets all the necessary international requirements for holding all circuit racing competitions, except for Formula 1.

  • 2020March

    Start of operation

    Start of operation. Opening of three Centers - Rally Moto Center, Karting Center and Safety Drive Center.

Back to basics

  • The Igora Drive complex is a new round of the Russian motorsport history. It is symbolic that the first domestic stationary track for circuit car races appeared in Leningrad in 1958. 

    The Nevskoye Koltso autodrome located on Krestovsky Island has become one of the centers for the development of auto sports both in the Soviet Union and in post-Soviet Russia.

    In the mid-2000s, when Russian auto sport was going through hard times, it was decided to close the Nevsky Ring. 

    Then a paradoxical situation arose: the second most populous city in the country, the cultural capital, the European pearl attracting millions of tourists from all over the world - St. Petersburg lost the chance to host international competitions in circuit races and the stages of the national championship.

    Now, with the advent of the Igora Drive Complex, historical justice has been restored: literally across the street from the all-season Igora Resort which is popular among residents of the Northern capital, a new track for circuit races has been built, along with a whole off the scale complex of racing tracks for different auto and motor sports.

    The author of the new complex project was the German track designer Hermann Tilke, the creator of all modern Formula 1 racing circuits. Hermann Tilke gained fame as the "court architect" of the "Queen of motorsport". 

    He has designed over seventy-five circuits worldwide. In fact, Hermann Tilke has become the co-creator of new racing reality of the most famous motorsport championship in the world. 

    The matter is probably that he is an amateur racer and according to him, he is always striving for creating the raceway he would enjoy himself. However, there is one phrase that you can hear quite often from Mr. Tilke, and this one is of special significance: «I am happy when the fans are happy».

    Modern circuit race tracks occupy a significant area. Therefore, Igora Drive designers tried to use the existing space of about 100 hectares as efficiently as possible, by incorporating nine more tracks for various kinds of motorsports. At the same time, the complex is unique not only for the variety and configuration of the tracks, but also for the excellent location of the spectator areas.


Herman Tilke - architect of the Igora Drive Complex

The complex was designed by the famous race track architect Hermann Tilke, the author of many Formula 1 circuits. He has completed more than 75 world-class racing tracks.

The developed sports and tourist infrastructure of Igora Drive makes the complex attractive to a wide audience, and the territorial proximity to many European countries attracts foreign high speed fans.

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